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Stitch__workInC. clothing

fashion, clothing, apparel

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So here we go this is my Sale Journal
all the things i make and sell will be on here.
there will also be things that i own that I'am selling on here
I DO take requests and will do my best to search for the fabric you desire
I try to stay away from online shopping for my fabrics so i can get you
your purchase as soon as possible
i know everyone hates to wait.
I will update on my newest fabrics as well as things i have made that i keep but can duplicate.
Since these are not factory made products small errors will be made but i assure you they are small
I give the customer what they want
and because they are not factory made EVERY piece IS ORINGINAL/

The only thing i ask is that you post a promo when you recive your purchase.
[promos can be found at the end of the page]

my E-MAIL is :-: misfitsquee53@yahoo.com
my AIM is :-: caution wetface

~*~oPEN For rEQUESTS~*~