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loli pops and Kandy Kanes


So under the cut is some of the fabric that i currently have and some stuff i have made already.

the fur fabric i have is extreamly soft if you have a pair of pants you like and would like me to sew on certain fabric to give them charater just let me know where you want the fabric and what fabric you'd like. it can be used for pillows and everything else i make as well.


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How much would it cost for a Pikachu purse, only a regular purse size? Like about 2-2 1/2 sq ft of material with plain white lining? And one strap over the top?
Because I'm in love with that idea.
and everything else on this page.
you want a 2 and a half foot purse?
i would just need to know what type of lining you would like for the inside. and if you would like the lineing on the inside sewed to the fabric or if you would like the lining in between two peices of fabric?
but yeah either or it would be $15.
i would also need to know what type of strap you would like. i can make a fur strap if you'd like or i could search for something else.
i'm not too sure about leather though.
leather might make it a little more expencive.
i can def start working on it as soon as you get your order together.
i'm not like most people who say oh i'll start working on it when i get the money cuz i know how much of a pain that is.
I mean like 2 1/2 sq. feet of fabric, so like a sq. foot when you look at just one side. And then like just a strap with the same fabric, but white one the other side.
I'll make a crappy drawing or something to explain:
It's a really simple design, but I can't do shit with my hands. And so any purse I'd attempt would look like cat shat.
ha ha that die-a-rama is awesome!!!!!!!
i get what yer sayN got cha covered.
when i'm half way finished i'll E-mail you on livejournal.
and we can set up an arrangement for payment.
sweet. My regular email is, cause I don't believe I have lj mail.
lol what i ment was leave you a message on lj and it would be in your email lol.
heh that makes the sensiest.
did you ever get your purse you never got back to me
really? I sent you an email a while back. I got it christmas eve. haha.
And I love it. Thanks so much!
aw i never got the message!
aw i'm soo happy you like it and the fact that it came on christmas eve rocks!
did you like your little gifts?
and if its not too much trouble could i get a pick of you with the purse formy site? if thats okay with you!
I'll try; I don't have a working digital camera, though, so it'll be a little bit. :\
I LOVE that pink star fabric with the silver. How much do you have of that? Maybe you can hook me up with something or we can trade. :]
did i tell you that the pink fab with the black star
is no longer available
i sewed the star on there too
so it's not like it came with it.
just wondering
you make pants, right?

because the tye-dye/leapord print fabric with pink and green monster fur stripes from the knees down.. rave pants?

*sigh* oh how i wish.

i would pay! and sew! and write! for payments!

..i hate having no job ><

i sure do make pants! lol
all the stuff up there minus the pouches are all just fabric
so no those aren't rave pants but if your imagination wanted them to be well i'll be damned they can be
yeah having no job sucks agreed
but yea if you wanna make an order just shoot me an email with your lj name as the subject or just make it here.

Deleted comment

yeash i can depends on how big you want the purse.
what monster fur would you like?
do you have a myspace?

Deleted comment

i tryed searchen for ya but nothing came up so just gimmie your email!
sexy lady